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Michael Alger set up AlgerConsulting back in 2000, providing English language training and translation services to corporate customers in Germany. Today, in response to the needs of a number of clients, AlgerConsulting also offers mentoring services for international projects and teams.
AlgerConsulting has a small roster of facilitators and translators all working together with one clear aim in mind – to enhance the quality of international communication.
AlgerConsulting provides corporate staff with the infrastructure of English and German as foreign languages and then puts them in situations where they are going to have to use it – taking them out of their comfort zone, putting them in situations where language skills and the effectiveness of communication are put to the test.
We also encourage employees to develop an awareness of the role culture plays in communication. Cultural diversity in a integral feature of international teams and our aim is to improve communication between employees and teams and to increase morale and reduce unexpected grievances that may arise through cultural differences.
Translators do wonders with words. Writing copy, presenting your sales pitch or simply producing a user’s guide often require high levels of cultural sensitivity in language. AlgerConsulting takes corporate ideas and concepts and moulds them to suit the target region.