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Client: Hermes Logistics

AlgerConsulting has been providing the Hermes logistics group of companies with language courses since November 1995. Given the extraordinary expansion of international business within the Hermes group, the need for English language has continued to grow. Today, we provide general English courses for the whole staff. This not only gives employees an opportunity to develop their English language skills, it also provides an additional forum for employees to network and gain insights into corporate developments.

AlgerConsulting has also provided specific English language training for specialist departments, addressing more specific linguistic and communication needs. AlgerConsulting has delivered specialist courses for the IT, marketing, client integration, customer service, finance and international operations departments.

A number of senior staff have also benefitted from intensive 1:1 training in England.

Language training at Hermes principally address specific communication skills as well as social and cultural competences.

We also work closely with the marketing, PR and IT departments to cover their translation needs Among other things this includes translating IT manuals, presentations, press releases and the group’s Sustainability Report.